Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

I haven't posted anything here since October.

I admit that I have been kind of lazy about blogging.

Anyway, I have been playing a lot of Pet Society these days, and I think some of the decoration themes are very attractive, colour-wise. So I decided to collect some colour palettes from my rooms in Pet Society.

This first one is from the Wonderland theme. It's mysterious and magical. The colours are cool and low key.

I sampled two palettes from this because the different elements had different combinations of colours and I think it's worth sampling all the colours.

This first palette was taken from the wallpaper in the background:

And this second palette was sampled from the lake in the middle ground. Some of the colours are similar to that of the first one, but they are less saturated.

The other theme I sampled was the Autumn Faerie theme. Again, I sampled various parts of the whole piece because of the different colour combinations.

This first palette was taken from the leaves at the top of the wallpaper:

This second palette was sampled from the Faerie four-poster bed. The colours here are more saturated that the previous palette and they stand out more. Giving it good contrast against the background:

This third palette is very similar to the first one, but I sampled it from the mushrooms in at the bottom of the wallpaper. The reason I made another palette was because of the interesting colour combinations:

Anyway, at the moment, I am trying to fix my CS4 and make a new layout for my blog, so once that is done, I shall post updates.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful colour palettes, ^_^
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