Monday, 20 September 2010

Web Design 2: Moodboard

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I scanned eggs. The end.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

So, in the final "Website Inspiration" showcase, I've included some sites about coffee. Coz coffee smells nice and stuff.

1. Pura Vida.

2. Seattle's Best Coffee.

3. Henrici.

4. Sweet Sallie's.

5. Cilantro's.

6. Kicking Horse Coffee.

7. Robust-ah.

8. 1369 Coffee House.

9. Park Avenue Coffee.

10. Greyhouse Coffee.

11. Dunn Bros. Coffee.

12. Looney Bean Coffee.

13. Bean Exchange.

14. Java Cabana.

15. Cuvee Coffee.

16. Cafe Britt.

17. Starbucks Coffee At Home.

18. Cafe Theatre de la Marionette.

19. Copper Door Coffee Roasters.

20. Melitta, USA.

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A good way to know how to arrange your information is to look at how other similar websites arrange theirs. Below are some restaurant websites that caught my attention for both design and information hierarchy.

1. Barley's Greenville.

I liked this site for a number of reasons. The main one being the way in which the menu was laid out. Although it does not have supporting pictures for each item, the rollover effects are interesting. The colour scheme is also very nice.

2. State Restaurant and Cafe.

This restaurant home page is attractive. The colours are nice and the banner is a great idea because it is update-able. Their "Events" page is worth taking note of because of how all the information is displayed. It is concise and easy to figure out.

3. La Vista.

This website is simple yet very classy. I like how they use a large, fixed background image to complement the text. The sections on this site that I thought we very well done were the Menu and Gallery. The use of thumbnails and lightbox in the gallery is a simple but effective solution.

4. Le 28 Thiers.

I like the art direction for this website. The colour scheme is great and the navigation at the top is interesting. Again the use of big background images is something that I liked.
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Below are four commercial websites that I was pretty impressed with. The thing that all 4 of them have in common is the clear navigation and beautiful design. I believe the design is beautiful because the corporate identity is very apparent in each site.

1. Rohm and Haas.

2. conEdison.

3. McDonald's.

4. Levi's Strauss.

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Below is a roundup of some beautiful website design, although they are not all "coffee" websites, they are still an inspiration, methinks.

1. Corvus Design.

2. Oddo Design.

3. Rocket Club.

4. Edgepoint Church.

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

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To be honest, when I got "Pappa Rich" as the site I had to redesign, I wasn't expecting it to be...that bad. Because firstly, their outlets are pretty well done. I was surprised at how poorly the site was constructed. No offense!

Anyway, to the obvious next step when attempting to revamp a design; Competitor analysis!

1. Starbucks, Malaysia.

Events Page
This is actually one of the first relevant results when you Google "coffee malaysia". I guess because it is the most widely-known coffee house in the world.

Not particularly impressed with the site, but still worth noting the information arrangement.

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Malaysia.

Home page!
"Events" Page
Promotions Page

I liked this site. The colour scheme is comfortable and inviting, the images are well displayed, the navigation is very clear and it uses more HTML/CSS rather than just Flash content. Overall, the design and information arrangement is good.

3. Gloria Jean's Coffees, Malaysia.

About Page. TL;DR.
Contact Page

Gloria Jean's Coffees' Malaysian website is probably not a great example. But there are some good points to take note of. The contact page is concise and to the point. The banners are update-able. Overall not too bad. However (as is the norm, lol) the International site is better than the local one.

4. Old Town Coffee, Malaysia.

Company profile, "About Us" lah.

When compiling lists, I usually like to save the best for last. I was really blown away by this particular site. The design is beautiful, the navigation is clear, the images are great, the information arrangement is good. I like pretty much everything about this site in terms of design. However, it is an entirely Flash website, so it wouldn't be the best example for coding. Still very impressive, though.
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