Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Web Level Up!

Evolution is a given.

Everything evolves. And in my opinion, technology evolves faster than most everything else. Today, the lecturer asked what the differences were between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Honestly, I've always wondered but never got around to finding out properly.

So after doing some research, I have compiled a list of the key differences from my understanding:

Web 1.0
  • Was read only
  • Coding was HTML
  • Web pages were linear and content was mainly from companies who could afford exports to make sites for them
  • Communication was limited, only between web master and client
  • Information was shared mostly from client servers
  • Advertisements informed people
Web 2.0
  • Is both read and write
  • Coding is not limited to just HTML, now its XML, CSS
  • Web sites provide more interactivity. Average user has the means to publish their own content easily
  • Communication not only with web master but also with other users who have access to the site
  • Information can now be shared peer-to-peer
  • People inform people (word of mouth)

Web 2.0 gives the average person more control over his/her own web experience. LiveJournal was one of the pioneering blogging platforms, since then, we have seen the rise in social sites. More popular examples of which are Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube.

Web 2.0 is all about community and interactivity. It is all about collaboration and is user-driven.
Clearly, the web that we are using today is so much more versatile than its predecessor of the early 90's, but it still has limitations.

According to this article from the official Google Blog, Web 3.0 may well be on the horizon. Google search has this algorithm that can understand synonyms. So "photo" and "picture" would render the same results. Something like that.

Need to finish reading the blog entry.

The end.
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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Kinetic Typography.

For one of our Typography for Digital Media projects, we have to make a weather report in motion. Kinda thing. Like faux motion graphics. But using Flash.

Anyway, I am seriously having trouble trying to storyboard that shit, so I looked at some references on YouTube. I know it's not exactly what we're trying to achieve, but inspiration nonetheless.

1. Pulp Fiction in Motion Graphics:

2. Pulp Fiction Kinetic Typography

3. The 8 Rules of Fight Club

4. Tropic Thunder Kinetic Typography

5. Stewie Griffin - Kynetic Type

6. Minimalism Kinetic Type Poem

7. You're Stupid

8. Social Life, With Friends

9. Fight Club Chemical Burn

10. Superbad Typography

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

WD1 Update, Rawr!

Hmmm, well it's that time again for the gathering of user feedback.

I do realise that my priorities are all over the place when it comes to assignments, but meh.

Anyway, blogging a few screenshots for Web Design 1 because I'm stuck on ideas for the look. The coding is still a work in progress but that shall be up once I'm done.

1. First Round:
 For this first one, I initially thought to go for a sketchy look. But the problem I faced here was the inconsistency of the pencil strokes and I didn't have enough space because the dimensions were fixed.

2. Second Round:

Ok, dramatic change here. With both design and coding. You can't see it in the screenshot, but it scrolls horizontally. And I decided to go with digitised graphics instead. Menu is fixed at the bottom, centre.

3. Third Attempt:

Ok, not much changed here, just finalised a colour scheme and changed the title banner thing, just some tweaking.

4. Fourth Go, yo.

Graphic enhancement. Menu improved, effects added. (I apologise about the lack of a protoype - It's coming). Background a bit blergh.

5. Current Look:

So this is what it looks like currently. Still feel that there's something missing or there's something that looks odd, but i can't put my finger on it, I guess I've been looking at it for 3 days straight, so that could be it.

Another shot of the current design:

Screenshot of what an actual section looks like. Format is pretty standard. The other pages are pretty similar, just the graphics are different.

I am kinda annoyed/angry/uninspired at the moment. The site is pissing me off...

Anyway, that is all for now.
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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Progress on all fronts is kind of slow.

Well, generally.

Anyway, this is a short assignment update. I have a few more to get through, but I'm going to take a break for now. We have received the final project brief for Visual Fundamentals and it seems doable enough. Minimum requirement: 12-frame storyboard for a tourism TV commercial for your chosen country and a poster thing for said country.

We've had our midterm for Survey of SEA Art and Culture. I don't even know the actual name for this subject, it's so long. It was also doable enough.

Web Design final project is in the works, but there is A LOT to be done. I stayed up till about 5am this morning trying to get the lightbox working. It's still not working, >_<. I can't say I am at all satisfied with the overall look but I don't know how to make it look better because I fail at drawing. !@#$

 Typo and DSM...no hope, no comment.

DGM2 is on track, but barely.

That is all for the update, I think. Now have some Haunted Mansion! Nyerh!

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